Anam Cara Apothecary

113 E. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701


Anam Cara Apothecary

113 E. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701


Science meets Magic...

Here at the Apothecary, we create topical oil remedies - with the primary ingredients being essential oils and herbs - to support the immune system, women's health, digestion, anxiety, insomnia, and many more ailments under the direction of our Master Clinical Aromatherapist.

Our blends may smell great, but they are also nature's medicine. Prepare for magic to happen.

Apothecary Shop Hours:
Wednesday - Saturday
11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
12 p.m. - 5 p.m.


Online Store

Online Store

All of our potions and products are handcrafted at our store under the guidance of our Master Clinical Aromatherapist.

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Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events


October Workshop:

Aromatherapy for pain management
1-4 p.m.
October 27th 2018


In this class, we'll have a special focus on how essential oils can be used for all kinds of pain.

"Aromatherapy" can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process. (source: naha)

In this 3 hour class + lab, our resident Master Clinical Aromatherapist will explain how essential oils work with our brain chemistry and bodies so that we may incorporate them into our every day lives for balance and wellness.You will also learn how to blend the oils safely and take home your very own blend that is custom created to target what you wish.

Level of Experience Recommended: None! Come as a Beginner or an Expert. You're bound to learn something new no matter your experience with aromatherapy.

Class will be taught by Amye Clark
 Certified Reflexologist, Master Clinical Aromatherapist, Certified Crystal Healer



November Workshop:

The Science of Crystal Healing
1-4 p.m.
November 10th 2018


Over 10,000 years ago, the ancestors of Native American tribes began offering stones to the body for wellness. Stone Medicine introduces these ancient traditions using heated and chilled stones, gem and crystal stones. Today, many holistic PRACTITIONERS use stone medicine to facilitate holistic healing. In this workshop, we'll discuss a variety of familiar and foreign gems and crystals, and how to use them.

Topics we'll cover...

1. The history of Stone Medicine and its evolution through the ages
2. The chemistry and geometry - which makes up its medicinal aspects - and how our bodies respond to that science
3. Where to place stones on your body and in the house for desired outcomes
4. How stones can be used in a micro or macro way
5. How they channel energy to help achieve physical and emotional support
6. The best stones for sleep, breast health, etc.
7. How to charge and cleanse stones

Class will be taught by Amye Clark
 Certified Reflexologist, Master Clinical Aromatherapist, Certified Crystal Healer





Essential Oils: how they work

What is an essential oil and how do they work?

Immediately upon smelling an essential oil - which are volatile liquids distilled from wood, grasses, flowers, resin, fruit and seeds - the palate in the nose transports a message to the limbic system in the brain, which is the seat of emotions memories. The brain then releases chemistry throughout the body based on the chemical code from the oils, thus, this is how essential oils can successfully change a person's physical or emotional feeling. Some oils promote feelings of relaxation and calmness in the mind whereas others work with body to reduce aches and pains.

Our Master Clinical Aromatherapist has training in botany, chemistry, physiology, anatomy, energy medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
We know how to effectively and safely blend essential oils and recommend their use, but are not to replace psychological or physical treatment with your physician.

Potion Blending Bar Menu

Build a Blend Experience
Immerse your senses in this delightful DIY aromatherapy treat. To begin, choose your favorite base-method of application such as luxurious hand cream, cleansing bath soap, personal roller applicator and more. Next, choose from over 25 essential oils to make the potion uniquely yours with your custom scent. Finally, add any special add-ons - such as colorful shimmer, detoxifying bentonite clay, or a nourishing herbal oil - to complete your potion.
20 minutes minimum for experience.
Perfect for: a unique experience, a custom gift, ladies night, date night

Apothecary Blend
A personal potion of oils custom formulated by our Master Clinical Aromatherapist for your unique therapeutic need(s).
15 minutes for potion formulation.
Perfect for: a medical condition that that has unique preferences due to medication, health challenges, scent preferences, or age


The Spectacular Now Aromatherapy Custom Blend
Let’s talk. In this session, our Master Clinical Aromatherapist asks questions pertaining to your emotional concerns. Then, with your nose and intuition at the helm, together we create a custom potion of oils made just for you. Your blend may smell just the way you want it to, but it’s also therapy in a bottle, intentionally made with therapeutic oils to give you emotional support.
All blends are to be applied topically and worn regularly. Your blend is custom and is uniquely yours.
45 minutes for experience and potion formulation.
Perfect for: anyone in need of a little support during a time of transition, challenges, creative slumps, tough times, or in need of some inspiration


The Animal Spirit Aromatherapy Custom Blend
Let us connect you to the wisdom of your animal spirits, who are already interacting subtly with you. You are never without nature. A particular gift of our Master Clinical Aromatherapist is her ability to enter into the presence of spirit animals, on your behalf, and bring you their wisdom.

She will converse with you, asking you a number of questions that she organizes by chakra issues. She records your responses, and at the end of each group of questions you name the first animal that comes to mind. Is it an arctic fox, ant, antelope? Is it a bear, bat, bumblebee? You will not know the animal until you answer, because as you and the therapist work through the questions, you will draw to you an animal spirit whose purpose is to help you understand your experience and your way forward.

After your session, the Aromatherapist will go into a meditative state to talk to each animal, one each day over the coming week. With respect and admiration, the Aromatherapist listens carefully to what an animal spirit says on your behalf. She may ask your animal questions. She may puzzle over the replies, but record them faithfully. Her job is not to interpret your animals as much as it is to carry their personal message to you. During each meditative session, she connects the animals to an appropriate essential oil ingredient to remind you of their collective wisdom.

When the work is complete, she will print and/or email you the messages that she received from your animal spirits. She will tell you about the relationship of the animals you chose to their chakra groups, and how your own animals approached her conversations with them. Be prepared to be surprised and humbled by their pure desire for your best good. You will also receive your custom Animal Spirit blend composed from the essential oils, flowers essences urged for you by your animal spirits. Wear the oil, and its subtle message will continue the work of the animals for you. Read the messages now and continue to read them because their messages unfold over time.

This consultation is the most intensive practice of the Potion Blending Bar, requiring up to ten hours of direct communication with your animal spirits, and we listen carefully. We know that you will read their wisdom and let it unfold in you. You will wear their scent to remind yourself that you are at the center of their thought and devotion to you.
45-60 minutes for consultation. Finished potion will be completed within 1 week.
Perfect for: those who are drawn to nature, mystery, and the divine; looking for a unique experience.




The bottom of your feet can reveal a lot about  your past, present and future health. All of your body's organs, systems, and glands correspond like a map to reflexes on your feet. By applying pressure through what feels likes like an incredibly effective foot massage, Reflexology can balance congested energy within your body.

Reflexology is a relaxing way to improve circulation, nerve impulses, and bioelectrical energy while reducing stress and tension throughout the body. We've had remarkable results with migraines, menstrual discomfort, anxiety, insomnia, back pain, and much more, but please note that Reflexology cannot heal specific ailments on command; however, with the understanding of what the client is having trouble with, we can aim our sessions to help heal as much as possible.

Each Reflexology session also includes acupressure, essential oils, a warm sanitizing foot bath, hot stones, and hot towels. 
For couple sessions, call us directly at 240-529-3931

45 minutes


REflexology + Acupressure

call us at 240-529-3931
Email us at
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Anam Cara

Anam Cara

Behind our name:

Anam Cara means “Soul Friend.” Anam is the Gaelic word for soul and Cara is the word for friend. In Celtic tradition, an Anam Cara is a teacher, companion or spiritual guide. With the Anam Cara you can share your innermost self to reveal the hidden intimacies of your life, your mind and your heart. This friendship cuts across all convention to create an act of recognition and belonging that joins souls in an ancient and eternal way.
In everyone’s life, there is a great need for an Anam Cara, a soul friend. In this relationship, you are understood as you are, without mask or pretension. When you are understood, you are at home.
The Anam Cara is a loved one who awakens your life in order to free the wild possibilities within you.

Amye and Chelsea are a mother + daughter team that developed the concept of Anam Cara Apothecary in Fall 2013 when Chelsea joined her mother learning the family business as a Reflexologist. Throughout their careers as practitioners, they would tinker with developing individual essential oil blends based on each of their client's' needs. Together, they opened the humble little business a year later as a pop up shop inside Maven Beauty Bar so they could gauge the public's reactions to their products. A year later, they moved across the street on East Patrick Street, became their very own brick and mortar in July 2015, and have been loving and serving downtown Frederick ever since.

Over the past decade up to the present, Amye has pursued education in botany, chemistry, physiology, anatomy, energy medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is the true Creative backbone and soul of the business. 
Chelsea keeps Amye grounded and the business on track. She has a passion for design, marketing, throwing events, as well as psychology and loves being around people
. Both Amye and Chelsea are a team and could not operate the business to its successful extent without the other person by their sides. 

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback


"Great selection of products and wonderful customer service." - Charisse C

"I LOVE 'Sunshine in a Bottle' oil blend! It's exactly what it says and it turns on the happy vibes as soon as I roll it on! Plus, love supporting local businesses - love that you are a mom and daughter team. Go girls!" - Kimberly H

"Such a cool place." 


"Thoroughly enjoyed my brief visit to your store! Thank you!" - Rebecca F

"The store is very lovely." 

"Thanks so much for all the valuable information and assistance in picking out the appropriate essential oils."

"What wonderful attention we received today! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with your customers!" - Terry S

"Anam Apothecary is always a welcoming place. It's personalized, has a freshness about it, has beautiful products & pertinent classes related to health & wellness."

"Beautiful shop run by beautiful people! Amy is wonderful!" - Lisa C

"It was the 1st time I've been in the shop & the owner was patient, thoughtful & so very helpful. We'll be back!" - Maile B

"It was an amazing first experience." - Pamela S

"As always my service was EXCELLENT! I love going into this establishment! Two women helping other women improve their lives holistically through smell and mind."

"Everything was perfect!! Can’t wait to come back soon :)" - Mai D

"Love the magic." - Patricia N

"I love your shop. Thank you for bringing these products to us." - Amanda P

"Extremely nice shop. Everyone there is very knowledgeable. I love the potions bar! My daughter and I had a great time creating her very own personalized scent. Best addition to downtown Frederick in years!" - Caitlin M

"Very knowledgeable, welcoming and friendly staff/owners. Beautifully decorated shop with great product displays. It was cool to be able to watch the mixing happen right on site in the back of the shop. Where the magic happens. Overall enjoyed my experience, and stayed longer than I initially expected I would. Will definitely recommend with high regards. Will be back. :) Thank you!"

"Loved everything about the shop. Everything was beautifully displayed and easy to understand what its used were for. Cat was the sweetest thing as well. All in all beautiful shop and great employees. Can’t wait to visit again in the near future." - Clinton L

"I've been in the store a few times, but this was the first time I made a purchase. The lady who explained more about the oil I was looking at was not only super helpful and knowledgeable, but also very friendly, and not pushy about making the sale. I'm excited about my purchase and look forward to seeing how it helps. I will be back for another visit soon! Thanks for everything!" - Erika B

“Absolutely lovely store. I found raw stones at very reasonable prices. I will be a frequent visitor.” - Kathya J.

“I absolutely love Anam Cara. Amye has a wealth of knowledge and creates amazing potions.”