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The bottom of your feet can reveal a lot about the your past, present and future health. All of your body's organs, systems, and glands correspond like a map to reflexes on your feet. By applying pressure through what feels likes like an incredibly effective foot massage, Reflexology can balance congested energy within your body. Reflexology is a relaxing way to improve circulation, nerve impulses, and bioelectrical energy while reducing stress and tension throughout the body to allow the body to normalize, balance, and heal itself. Please note that reflexology cannot heal specific ailments on command, but with the understanding of what the client is having trouble with, we can aim our sessions to help heal as much as possible.

Our staff of Certified Reflexologists are passionate about their craft, eager to help each client on their path to emotional and physical wellness through reflexology, acupressure, essential oils and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each session includes a warm, sanitizing footbath, corresponding essential oils, hot stones and hot towels.

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