The bottom of your feet can reveal a lot about the your past, present and future health. All of your body's organs, systems, and glands correspond like a map to reflexes on your feet. By applying pressure through what feels likes like an incredibly effective foot massage, Reflexology can balance congested energy within your body. Reflexology is a relaxing way to improve circulation, nerve impulses, and bioelectrical energy while reducing stress and tension throughout the body to allow the body to normalize, balance, and heal itself. Please note that reflexology cannot heal specific ailments on command, but with the understanding of what the client is having trouble with, we can aim our sessions to help heal as much as possible.

Our staff of Certified Reflexologists are passionate about their craft, eager to help each client on their path to emotional and physical wellness through reflexology, acupressure, essential oils and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each session includes a warm, sanitizing footbath, corresponding essential oils, hot stones and hot towels.

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Essential Oil Aromabar

How do essential oils work?

Immediately on smelling an essential oil, the olfactory membrane transports that message to your limbic system. This limbic system is actually a part of our brain and is the seat of all our emotions. Various essential oils trigger different emotional and psychological effects, not necessarily linked to a person's individual emotional memories. The energy of each individual oil can trigger various states of consciousness, proclaiming to the unconscious mind a willingness to deal with an issue and resolve it. In this way, essential oils can help in times of worry, anxiety, depression, fear, feeling overwhelmed and over burdened, and more.

Our Certified Aromatherapists have knowledge of botany, chemistry, physiology, anatomy and Traditional Chinese Medicine along with the effective and safe use of the essential oils. On an emotional level, we listen to your needs and how you would like to feel whilst applying or smelling your custom blend. Then, we perform smell tests for you as we build a perfect scent that supports emotional and physical well being.

Disclaimer Please note that these consultations are not to replace psychological counseling or treatment with your physician.

Animal Spirit - Custom Blend

Have you ever envisioned your outgoing nature to be like a playful Otter? Or are you protective like a Mama Bear? Animals represent different aspects of our personality; similarly, every essential oil can enhance, calm, or balance these traits within us. The Animal Spirit blend is designed to reach the client on a deep, constitutional level. During the one-on-one time with our Master Clinical Aromatherapist, various questions are asked and analyzed in order to best determine which animals represent you, and which oils go into your custom blend. Just as there are many layers to your personality, this blend has many layers, which are added each day until the perfect scent has been reached.

$80 for consultation and blend. Please set aside 1 hour for consultation.

The Spectacular Now - Custom Blend

Chamomile for Anger,
Frankincense for Forgiveness,
Ylang Ylang to Calm your Heart,
Melissa to reduce Anxiety and
Benzoin to Comfort and Calm You.

What are you currently going through? Anxiety, depression, lethargy, grief, a big change, etc.? During this one-on-one time with our Master Clinical Aromatherapist, we will have you smell a variety of essential oils and build a blend that perfectly corresponds and helps the emotions you're going through. Here's an example of a blend we might make: 

$60 for consultation and blend. Please set aside 30 minutes for consultation. 

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